Thursday, January 12, 2012

December Haul

as I mentioned before in previous,previous post, that I'll make some post/review on cosmetics that i'm wearing. So to start with, is my december haul. I usually buy through the net, as here in this country, the variant and the product that I want usually not available.

So hop on to the pic.

1. Lip Glosses
-NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss
-NYX Lip Gloss Natural
-NYX Lip Gloss set "Love's Anthem"
-Mally Just Heaven

2. Bubbi brush! (Powder, Flawless HD, Buffer)

3. Eye Lash Curler by Fasio- it's small than usual size!

4. Lip balm
-Mandarin Lip Butter from Korres
-EOS Lip Balm- Strawberry Sorbet and Fruity Passion (i think so...)

6. Lipsticks
-NARS lip smacker -
-NYX soft matte, Stolkhom
-L'Oreal Infallible Linda's Beige.

5. NARS multiple stick orgasm (Malibu and...can't remeber the other name)

7. Foundation, powder
-Shu Uemura translucence powder (colourless)
- Maybelline Age Rewind foundation in sand beige
- Aqua BB cream from faceshop -natural beige.

there are several items that i bought haven't reached to me yet. *sigh* the problem with the shipping. always stuck at the custom, or lost during shipping (especially in the holiday seasons, several items might reach later than expected, but some are faster. :S )

from the haul above, there are several items which most likely will be my favourite product for a year~ i'll do the review some of the product later.

p/s: most of the haul is from the NYX product...what else can be said...i love their product! XD

till next time!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ludwig Kakumei -the twisted fairytale-

I have read this manga 2 times. once for the last 2 years, and just recently i have this urge to re-read back this manga.
I especially like this manga because it's twisted element in the fairytale. So while i frantically trying to recall what the title of this manga, I vaguely remember the prince's name which is ludwig. and i stumble upon Ludwig II (behold! it's a yaoi manga! XD) but's not the one i'm looking for, since Ludwig Kakumei...unfortunately is not a yaoi manga, but still, it has shounen-ai hint at the end of the story. :) 

meet the Prince!
                                                                          meet the Prince! 

Anyway, back to the manga, the Ludwig Kakumei (Ludwig Revolution), which has total of 4 volume was scanlated+ translated by Aerendia group,me think. It's about a Prince,namely Ludwig on a journey of searching for his bride on his father's order. So the bride he found on his journey are coming from the fairytale that you all know! I remembered snow white, cinderella, red riding hood, sleeping beauty, hansel and gretel, and many more. the original story of each fairy tale remains intact with appearance of the admired prince, the witches, stepmum, and so on, but whats interesting in this story, everyone of each character has dark side to it, even the charming prince who was the epitome of charming, are also shrewd. but yeah, i enjoyed those disgusting, weird character of the prince and the princess. thats why i called them twisted fairy tale. Even though Ludwig met each heroin in respective fairytale (and ridiculed them), he still can't find one that fits his soul until he found this one princess. but too bad...the princess is unattainable.i cry a bit for THIS Ludwig. Oh mind you, even Ludwig the prince, also has weird evil side which make him attractive. :)

i really,really recommend you guys to read this manga if you guys haven't do that yet. i can assure you, you will never get bored when reading this manga. (infact, i actually hoping if there are any sequel to this-just saying~) 

anyhoo, i like the style of this manga. oh, how i wish i could read any other manga which has similar genre and "feel" like this one. i don't remember of seeing one. if you guys ever stumble upon something like this, do tell me,k?

i guess i'm done here, and ciao! XD
wishing u guys have a great day(s)!   

p/s: and here, i'm still smiling writing this "review" while my Pharmacology notes beside me waiting to be opened, and in the next  2 days i'm going to sit for this very-ly test. oh-so-wonderful...(=_=)

Friday, December 16, 2011


i still have few weeks left to spend on my holiday, and what i do most of the time aside housekeeping(yeah right...), is re-read and re-watch some of my fave's old manga and anime.
i love these two guys here!

it brings memories to me that when i've read them back, i thought to myself, "this was the one which makes me avid otaku".
so, recently, i've re-read D.N. Angel manga by Yukiru Sugisaki. I love the artwork, it's nice and has 'imaginary' kind of art, i love the flow of the story, and what's more it's comedic,action, yet it has melancholic kind of atmosphere. I really love them. thing that makes me upset, and anxious...i still don't know how it ends. Why? becuase it's still in hiatus! thanks to the closure of the publisher whose-name-i-don't-really-care. Well, anyway...i'm still left hanging! and it was going to get to the best part! it's climax! and i was left hanging! i want to know the ending!!! hoho...i'm sad...

The first time i read this manga was 8 years ago, me think (i can't really remember, but i'm pretty sure it has been long time, i've read in the Arena Komik(something like Shounen Jump in Malaysia), but since i'm staying in abroad school, i could not get to read the comic. Anyway, it has been long time that i want to re-read whats going on with my favourite manga, and when i's in hiatus! my god, i was perplexed. but then again, me as a fan to sensei, could only wait with patient.

so, what's this D.N. Angel was about?
  • it's middle school kids.
  • cat and mouse chase between the thief and police.(both are middle school kids)
  • the police and thief,they can transform!
  • it seems that this cat and mouse chase has been generations.
  • oh,there were a bit shounen-ai in it. just a bit though.
apparently, i'm not a good story teller ,since i tend to cut long story short. so i'll provide several link to guide you whats this manga all about. man...i'm having though time with editing this post. to adjust the image, setting. now, i think, i get what my dear LJ friends make fuss about. *sigh* you never know others hardship unless you experienced them,huh...

Today post more like to vent off my frustation of not being able to know whats the ending of this manga rather than calling it as 'review'. (T T)

Thursday, December 15, 2011


The yaoi entitled, "Complex" is about two boys who shares their childhood chapter together, and later on love comes, but as they are still child and man to boot, some issues can't be resolved till they reach adulthood. But they still got together when they become college student, but due to some reason, they were separated and never met with each other after that. The story continues when they become one of working society, they met with each other under certain circumstances. However one of them already have a family, but still the feeling linger. And the story continues till they reach old age. Care to read? :D 

I've read many kind of yaoi and any other BL story, but for this one, I particularly fond of this and left me with deep impression. To me, the drawing is like shonen-ish like, unlike bishounen drawing that present in most of yaoi. But i still like it, i think i like anything as long as it's a manga that i can enjoy. The story plot was interesting, kinda slow but smooth development. Whats make this yaoi my fave is because the story starts with the pair's life from the childhood until they become old, and later on passed away. It's rare to find manga that shows the story from the childhood till their end of life, usually any kind of manga only shows some chapters in their life-like their high school life, working class, etc, but yeah...i really like the way the story develops, because i can follow their development till the end. And I'm a sucker for tearjerker genre. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

REsume the title says, The mysmallbox blogspot's activities is resume!!!
but yeah, i still keep on using wordpress as my main site, but, for this blog is more like having fun purpose.
it will be random.
i warned you, random.
i'll update anything regarding my interest in the blog.
hurm, let's see, what my interest are?

anime-surprisingly, i dont't watch much anime this year compared to previous years. what a shamed to otaku. but, actually, there are many others like me, in that sense. why? becuase anime now lack of originality, and the story line is much more predictable. most of them. i still watch anime nowadays, but the number of anime i, 3 shows per week? usually, 7-10 shows i would watch (back on 2000 till 2010). hurm, where's the quality people???

manga-oh~ this one, nothing change much, i do read them as much as i wish. oh. i wonder if someone out there know the term fujoshi?...well...i'm one! XD

fashion-well, i like to watch how people dress, their makeup. fashionista u could say, but, i'm not one. i'm just interested, but not practical. if i do apply them, it seems weird, u know...

and any other things that come across my mind!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

mysmallbox is moving to a new site!!!

i da penat tuka template blog ni, pastu ade plak error kalu nak convert balik to another template. then, i takley edit my widget, i so tense up! i decided to move to a site, so called wordpress. 
i da lamer da sebenarnyer eyeing this site, cumer x wat aper2 post pon kat situ. so, now, I the owner of  "A View from a SmallBOX"  is moving her blog from BLOGSPOT to WORDPRESS. oyeah~ 

Friday, October 24, 2008

when everthing i done so far is in vain

...or maybe not. 
the result of my effort may not be like i wanted, but there is something else that i got in return. I already got the answer for my phantom questioned. 
at least, i know, my effort is not going to waste. 
"Not to get something you really want is a heaven's luck" 
but it's little bit sad though. but its not a pain.
road to victory 
( actually it's a road behind my hostel...haha...)